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Matt Saraceni (left), who was part of the Action Battle Team with Dan Debuf and Maz Compton and is now a producer at Nova 100, has developed a web comedy series with Dave Zwolenski (right), a visual producer at the station.

The series has been picked up by US comedy video website Funny or Die.

This is how Dave describes 'Written it Down', "The idea is that the performers have to deliver bad news, but they have no idea what it is until they read it. It's all 100% completely improvised, although the performers are so incredible you may not believe it. All I can say is that these are some of the funniest people I have ever met/worked with."

Zwolenski recently told Mumbrella, “It’s really interesting as you move into this internet era away from TV that anyone can give money to projects, and get them made and distribute them online to as big, if not bigger audiences than TV.

“The natural inclination when you do a show like this to keep hooking the audience in with constant surprises, but we thought why don’t we just give them a simple improvised premise and let them come up with the twists and turns? Let them come up with the back stories and the drama, the conflict and the conclusion.

“When you’re with the actors the performers are in the room, and they don’t know what’s about to happen they get a rush out of it, and you could see when they finished they wanted to do it again. It was like a ride, so I felt it was like a ride at a theme park."

Season 1 Episode 1 : I’m breaking up with you


Season 2 Episode 1 : You’re Fired


See the rest of the eps here.

Season 3 will be released soon, called 'You’re off the team'.

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