Nova Adelaide’s Ben and Liam get all political


Politics can be a dirty game.

But that hasn’t stopped Nova Adelaide breakfast hosts Ben and Liam from wading into the murky waters.

They’re taking aim at rival on-air teams with a satirical video smear campaign, urging listeners to ‘think before you flick.’

First cab off the rank: Roo and Ditts. The Triple M Adelaide duo cop it over everything from sporting ability to pub fights from 20 years ago.

The Nova boys then ask whether the audience can trust Mix 102.3 host Ali Clarke, given she has two first names.

Adelaide’s FIVEaa and SA FM hosts are also not immune.

Ben and Liam went gangbusters in the last poll … err, survey … gaining 3.5 points to give them a 12.3% share, putting them just ahead of their nearest political rival (FIVEaa) and making them the #1 commercial breakfast show in parliament. Sorry, the market.

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13 May 2022 - 2:35 pm

Very good boys. Lot of people in the industry talk about these two, now I know why. Are Roo and Ditts seriously still around. Used to like them back in the day.


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