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We all know Fitzy & Wippa at Nova 969 love to sing.

They've done parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy, Guy Sebastian and many more.

Today they took it to an all new level when “Fitzy and Wippa, The Musical” went to air.

Fitzy said…“We just really thought that we’re wasting our talents on radio by talking so what a way to finish off a show on a Friday by annoying the shit out of everyone and singing for the whole last hour"

Hear some highlights below….


This one features Fitzy's son Hewie…called Please and Thankyou
or hear it here

"Hollywood" #ImNotAfraidOfYouWolverine
or hear it here

The Man Boobs song
or hear it here

Breatho Jacket
or hear it here

'Good Night' changed to 'More Height' featuring Reece Mastin

Hear it here

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