Monique Taylor: Transformed

For the past 13 years, Monique Taylor has run the Southern Cross Austero Albury hub. She oversees a team that provides news updates for country NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

She’s also been on a journey of transformation.  

Three years ago, the new mum was told to lose weight or risk not being around to see her daughter grow up.

It was the wake up call she needed and saw her embark on a journey of not just weight loss but better health.

For a long time, Monique admits she didn’t want to know how much she weighed, choosing not to get on the scales.

“I was too scared to ever check. Until I had Bronte, I hadn’t weighed myself for probably just short of 20 years. I was heavy, but I didn’t know how heavy.

“I’d been very heavy through most of my 20s. I was very big.  I mean, I had to catch the lift (at work) and that’s just one floor. I couldn’t climb the stairs. I’d get to the top and I’d be absolutely rooted and I’d try to hide from people in plain sight.”

A trip to the family doctor just over three years ago changed everything.

“The doctor got me on the scales and pretty much gave me the reality check that if I didn’t start to sort myself out, this little baby wasn’t going to have a mother for very much longer”.

“It was the responsibility of being a parent that motivated Monique to take control of her life. But it wasn’t just about dropping the kilos. It was very much about changing a mind set.

“For a long time it was weight loss, to be ‘one of the pack’ and fit in with everyone else. Now it is about overall health. I do a lot of exercise, but I use it now for my mental health.  In my overall health, I want to be strong and lead by example for my child.

“I want to be there for my parents, who’re getting older and both are unwell.  So, I have those responsibilities as well. Overall, long term, I want to be as strong as all fuck”.

Over the journey, Monique believes she’s lost around 100 kilos. She doesn’t jump on the scales any more, but has seen the clothing sizes get smaller and smaller.

“When you’ve been so heavy for so long, you don’t look at yourself for a lot of the time. I mean, you never really look at yourself in the mirror. You buy clothes that cover you and most of the time, the bigger sizes are as ugly as shit anyway.

“I haven’t weighed myself now for nearly 12 months, but I know that I’m fit and I’m wearing smaller clothes”.

With the rock-solid support of her husband Carl, Monique has embarked on a routine of exercise, gym workouts and takes spin classes for times a week.

Through her training and weight loss, she’s now inspiring others to get active. More importantly, Monique is there for her daughter.

“In reality, I probably wouldn’t have been around now.  If I’d stayed on the path that I was on a decade ago, well….  I was not in a great place at all.

“But, I have a daughter and I want her to be a girl, who can do whatever the hell she wants. It’s about being as strong and confident and capable as possible.

“She runs around with mum’s shoes on, being boot camp.  She picks up Zumba sticks and uses them as weights, running around the house ‘doing her muscles.”

As for those who’re thinking about making changes to their lives, Monique’s advice is simple:

“I always say to people ‘take it one step at a time’. Habit is really hard to change.  Make little changes. Quitting smoking or back off on the drinking.

“Start getting active, get moving, go for a walk. Make a new habit.”

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Deb Clay
13 Apr 2018 - 9:09 am

Interesting story. Well done Monique.

Mon Fan
14 Apr 2018 - 11:25 am

Inspirational Mon thanks for all your support so far and keep kicking goals in the news room and in the gym 🙂


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