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In a revealing article written by Michael Lallo for the Sydney Morning Herald, Meshel Laurie, co-host of Nova's national drive show, talks candidly about kids, marriage, drugs, brothels, Buddhism, depression, charity work and her life right now…

"This is the first time ever that I'm not trying to change my life — and that's massive for me. Even as a small girl, I was always wanting to change, desperate to leave home, to become a different person."

"The reason I'm so open and honest now is because I spent a very long time trying to be something I wasn't; putting so much energy into creating an image."

On her autobiography she says…

"It's embarrassing, it's like, 'Why am I writing this? Who cares?' There are plenty of other people with incredible life stories."

Meshel's thoughts on TV versus Radio…

"TV is the enemy of organic creativity, whereas radio fosters it. Everyone on TV has to be 'perfect' and people are scared of saying the wrong thing and getting angry letters. In radio, you churn through your material and throw it away. It's really creative and a great feeling."

On her time doing breakfast at Nova 106.9 in Brisbane with Ashley Bradnam, David Lutteral and Kip Wightman, Meshel recalls…

"My job was not fulfilling at all and I felt like I was failing miserably at life. You end up going into battle every day and it's exhausting. But that's the chemistry the executives wanted and that's what listeners tuned in to hear. Once I realised that, I felt like an idiot for falling for it. It worked, though. It was the No. 1 show."

"Brisbane radio is really sexist….But so is Brisbane."

It's this last statement that has some up in arms today…

@sarahdobsonroxs took to Twitter and said @Meshel_Laurie I'm one of those sexist Brisbaneites ,take a minute to get down off your Melbourne high horse and remember were u came from

which Meshel retweeted.

You can read the revealing article on Meshel Laurie in the Sydney Morning Herald here

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