Merrick’s next ridiculous stunt

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A couple of weeks ago, to finish off Survey 6, Merrick and the Highway Patrol took a pig and stuffed it with the meat of 19 other animals to make a 'Turducken Ridiculous'. See more here

They are keeping the 'ridiculous' story arc going with Merrick's next stunt, he wants to set a world record for carrying steins of beer.

The current record is 21, held by Oliver Struempfel from Germany.

Merrick will try to beat that and says…

“We will see if I can truly handle my beers.”

The previous world record holder, Reinhardt Wurtz says the secret to stein-carrying is….

"you need to have long, slender fingers – but you also need strong, manly arms….having a passion for what you do and a love of drinking beer also helps, especially in the practice stages when you tend to spill a lot”

The stats….

  • a stein weighs 1.2 kgs
  • the beer will weigh around 1 kg
  • total weight of 22 beer filled steins = around 49 kgs

How did he go ? see what happened here….

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