Merrick’s Carbeque unveiled

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Yesterday afternoon, Merrick & The Highway Patrol unveiled the Carbeque.

Merrick explains:

"I took our entire marketing budget… it’s not just a car, I introduced the world’s first… CARBECUE! Half car half barbecue!  It’s integrated, it’s part of its genetic make-up, it’s been spliced with a barbecue, you open up the boot, and out comes a counter-levered barbecue, the greatest barbecue you’ve ever seen… not some ratty little hot plate thing, a full blown barbecue."

"It comes out of the boot of a 1973 converted Ford Landau Coupe with a 351 Cleveland… fully worked within an inch of its life, off its face, made to look like the car from Mad Max, the pursuit special!"

During the week they spoke with Top Gear’s James May who said of the Carbeque, "there will be a whole separate market for this, you need to develop square sausages that don’t roll about… it could work!"
or hear it here

Here's the final result of spending $150,000 to make a Carbeque……

Hear the reveal, voiced by Ray Warren:
or hear it here

Watch the video of the big reveal:

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