Maz Compton launches new book ‘The Social Rebellion’

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Maz Compton‘s new book The Social Rebellion tackles the topic of alcohol dependency and explores how grog is a dangerous social currency in Australia.

The book explains how freedom from the social norm of drinking can be achieved via a month without drinking, and includes a 31 Day Blue Print to help readers redefine their relationship with alcohol.

The inspiration for the book came from a personal journey, when in 2015 Maz decided to go alcohol free for a month.

“When I shared a blog about my first year living alcohol free and I was inundated with people asking me to help them manage or redefine their relationship with alcohol, asking how on earth I had survived an entire year without a drink,” Maz tells Radio Today

“It was obvious from the response that a lot of Aussie’s struggle with their relationship with alcohol and were searching for some help. This is where the idea of a book originally came from.”

Topics included in the self-empowerment book include helping to identify why people drink too often, encouraging an understanding of how habits form and exposing myths about alcohol in society.

Maz says that her life in radio, and the writing she did there, laid the platform to create something longer format like this book and her previous one exposing how she got fired from 2DayFM.

“When I was on radio I did a lot of writing, whether is was scripts, interviews or one my favourite segments, ‘bullshit news’.

“The first thing to note is that I genuinely love writing. It’s a joy for me. I have always been a keen writer and expressing my inner voice through written word is certainly a passion.

“Radio taught me to back myself. If I’d listened to everyone who told me I wouldn’t make it, well I wouldn’t have kicked ass as well as I did.

“If one person changes their relationship with alcohol because of this, I will consider that a huge win and an honour to have helped someone find their freedom.”

The Social Rebellion is available for pre-order now.

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