Matt & Jo clock overtime

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Fox FM have been running a tactic through the month of May called 'May Pay Day' which gave listeners twice the opportunity to win 10 grand each morning on the 'Matt & Jo' show.

Through the month, the 10k was won on two occasions, and today being the final day of the month, 'Matt & Jo' stayed on the air until a further 10k prize was given away.

What this meant was that the Breakfast show was on-air until 10.56am, and played the $10,000 Pop Quiz 16 times requiring 120 different questions.

Around half of the contestants reached either 8 or 9 correct answers, with one listener finally answering all 10 correctly just before 11am.

A great example of how to end a tactic with a bang, and get the audience engaging with and talking about the station.

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