Mandurah Survey 1, 2022

The Mandurah Survey 1 results have been released today, showing 97.3 CoastFM’s grip on the region.

10+ top 3:

  • 97.3 Coast FM – 25.7 (+4.2)
  • 91.7 The Wave – 17.6 (-3.4)
  • triple j – 8.3 (+2.2)

The south-western WA region is located just south of Perth and is strongly influenced by 97.3 Coast FM, with the survey showing the station’s secure lead in the 10+ at 25.7 (+4.2).

Second in the 10+ is 91.7 The Wave with 17.6 (-3.4), followed by triple j at 8.3 (+2.2).

Losses by 91.7 The Wave (-3.4) pushed 97.3 Coast FM further ahead (+4.2) creating a notable gap between the two (8.1) compared to last surveys minor difference of 0.5%.

However, 91.7 The Wave is more popular with the 55+ demographic.

97.3 Coast FM leads all slots except the 9-12 morning session which is only just ahead by 1.2%.

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22 Mar 2022 - 11:25 am

Umm, Nova is number 3 10+ on 8.2, not 92.9 Triple M on 5.2

    22 Mar 2022 - 12:43 pm

    Thanks, we corrected it… then we looked even closer and found that triple j is 8.3, so we put it in 3rd place.

All the facts please
22 Mar 2022 - 1:23 pm

Where are numbers for ABC Perth?

This is why:
All major population groupings within Mandurah RA1 are within the Perth Metro statistical area,

All TV is receivable from Perth’s Bickley and Carmel sites (as is Perth DAB and FM),

Telephone prefix 08 95xx is part of Perth,

Public transport (and commuter direction) is Perth based,

Perth pandemic lockdowns and restrictions always burdened Peel (Mandurah) along with Perth and so on.

Very few in Mandurah would bother to listen any Bunbury radio signals in Mandurah and I would contend those who said (remember this is a rubbery, recall phone poll) ABC SW probably were confused/frustrated no option included ABC Perth.

Digital radio audience measurement:
Also, where is the corresponding DAB survey?

Wave numbers:
Lastly, did the survey calls or survey tactics miss the Wave audience?

Declined each time since an impressive debut survey post FM conversion from 6MM.

Excellent music programming that fills the gaps in Perth music choices, withstanding Gary Roberts’ overdue arrival and improvement of 96fm.

Well done John and Squinty (and their board) for the most successful conversion in decades and sustaining it for three and half years so far.

23 Mar 2022 - 5:00 am

Looks like Triple M’s most successful market. An 8.3 share good work.

23 Mar 2022 - 3:09 pm

RE David

Did you mean Triple J?

If so, take a look at Launceston Ratings 2021: Triple J with a 14.2 share, similar sized market.
Also Port Macquarie 13.5 share with ~120k population.


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