Lisa Fernandez quits 92.9 Breakfast

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Lisa Fernandez has just announced that she is leaving the 92.9 Breakfast show 'Lisa, Paul & Baz" in Perth.

Fernandez, who has previously worked with Nova 919 Adelaide and Triple M Brisbane, wishes to spend more time with her daughter Isabella.

She said; 


Because of the hours I work I've never dropped Bella to daycare in the morning and waved her goodbye. I've never been there Monday through Friday to give her a cuddle when she first wakes up.

For the last four years I've hosted events or attended functions mid-week, every week and on those nights I've missed feeding her dinner. I've missed bath time. Many times. I've missed reading her bedtime stories.

On the nights I am home, I'm tweeting and X-Factoring and Facebooking and she's missing out on Dora the Explorer. The person who has been there most for Bella is my glorious, hates-to-be-celebrated-Dad.

'Rog' as he is fondly known, has provided us with a saintly amount of love and support. He has been there for me solely and purposefully to enable me to achieve all that I have in my radio career. I don't have words for how grateful I am to my Dad. But there comes a time when everyone needs a break.

So I have make the decision to take some time off from radio.

Bella starts school in just over a year. I want to enjoy quality time with her before she stops being my baby, and she grows into a proper little girl.

Thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing your lives with me. Thank you for sharing your hearts with me.

And thank you for allowing me to share mine with you. I will miss you all. Every single morning.



92.9 Content Director Todd Campbell commented;

"This has been a difficult decision for Lisa as we all know how passionate she is about her show and 92.9. I personally want to thank Lisa for making the smooth operation of 92.9 her priority in this change.

Obviously this has wider implications on 92.9 but we have plenty of time to get to all that. In fact we haven’t even worked out a final date yet, but all that will be attended to in the very near future.

Many more thanks to come, but from all of us Lisa, a big thank- you."

You can read Lisa Fernandez's letter outlining the reasons for her departure here.



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