Kyle pledges to give part of his fortune to listeners when he dies

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Kyle Sandilands has said wants part of his fortune to be given away to a loyal listener once he dies.

Sandilands turned 50 last month and this week appeared on the Will & Woody Drive show on KIIS to discuss the momentous occasion.

The discussion was loosely tied to McDonald’s, which is also celebrating its 50th birthday in Australia this year.

The hosts asked Sandilands if hitting the big five zero had prompted him to think about his will and what he would bequeath to people.

Sandilands admitted he had “plenty” of items to give away, including “cars, motorbikes, diamonds, firearms”.

It’s his money that he said he wants to give to mourning listeners though.

“I want to carve out a big slice [for listeners],” he said of the fate of his fortunes. “I want to give away like $1 million to whoever.”

Sandilands said he’d like the process to be drawn out, with the ultimate recipient showing the most dedication – whether it be wearing black for one year, or some other challenge or conquest.

“I haven’t figured it out yet,” he admitted.

You can catch the chat about Sandilands’ 50th birthday below.

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Neil D
23 Jul 2021 - 3:56 pm

Hi Kyle,

I have been writing some good comments about you lately, so please feel free to sling a bag of cash my way……we won’t call it cash for comment, I promise 🙂

Mick c
23 Jul 2021 - 4:31 pm

Yeah yeah love to see that

Anthony The Koala
26 Jul 2021 - 4:10 pm

Regardless of the person promising to bequeath part of their estate to “a particular person”, the proof is in the writing of the will.

Furthermore, a will is ‘obsolete’ where there are changes to the testator’s personal relationship and a new will is written.

So, if there is a promise to bequeath a beneficiary $1m, that must be mentioned in each successive will.

Then to believe that the testator will promise to bequeath $1m to a person, each successive will must mention that a particular person will receive $1m.

If the testator is fair dinkum as to a promise, the testator must show the will.

Either testator and ‘beneficiary’ should seek legal advice.

Thank you,
Anthony of something to ponder on, Belfield


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