Kyle ‘I don’t need to work anymore’

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In an interview with News Limited, Southern Cross Austereo's Kyle Sandilands has said that he doesn't need to work anymore for money.

Kyle is quoted as saying;

"I could stop work today and never have to worry again, although I might not be able to buy a new car every six months and do stupid things like fly around." 

"But I have a very comfortable life, never any problems, never any worries."

Kyle has been involved in various business investments for some years now, including a bar in Kings Cross (now sold), a chaffeur service in Sydney, and H2Coco coconut water, which he owns a third of. 

Speaking with News Limited, Kyle said of his H2Coco investment; "I wanted to be a beverage king, the king of drinks"

Kyle is obviously a big-earner, however he is also a big spender. Speaking about a stay at Los Angeles hotel, he says;

"I think Andrew (Hawkins-business partner) nearly vomited on his Prada shoes when I swiped the credit card through at the hotel once, the Beverly Wilshire, and it was $170,000. But we had seven rooms and I was there for a couple of months with friends and it was fun."

Not to mention Kyle's new Rolls Royce that he has at home in Sydney.

You can read the complete News Limited article here. Kyle Sandilands contract with Southern Cross Austereo is reportedly up at the end of 2013. 


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