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Kyle & Jackie O have spoken for the first time since leaving 2Day FM. In the feature appearing on News Limited websites and in the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney tomorrow, they have let fly at Southern Cross Austereo management, the new 2Day breakfast show and Merrick Watts.

They have also revealed the background to their move to ARN and we see the first pics of the new KIIS 1065 studios.

Kyle said: "I promised myself I wouldn't s***can them. But they've really f…ed it. And there's been all this talk of; 'Oh, they wanted us out and they wanted us fired'. That's bulls**t. They lost $200 million off their share price the day we announced we were (leaving)."

Jackie said: "They really never thought we'd leave … never leave 2Day FM."

Talking about the Jules, Merrick, Sophie and Mel B breakfast show Kyle said: "It's just gonna be a disaster. I'm so sorry, but I totally believe that. I think we will take all of our listeners … that's what I so arrogantly believe.

"But I wish them luck. I like three of the four people on that show, so I wish them the best. But they probably won't be very successful….(laughs). Sorry.

"Mel is only there for 3 months, one hour a day. That won't last…They would have done that because they had Merrick, Sophie, Jules, and thought fuck, this isn't good enough. Let's get Mel to do it.

"I know that already for a fact, she's only there for three months, one hour a day as guest, which to me, feels like interviewing the same person everyday which would be a nightmare."

Kyle also had a spray at Merrick Watts

"Poor old Merrick over there, running around and telling everyone I got fired."

"Well, now he is going to experience the same old shit bricks that we had to, day in and day out. And I don't think that team will get on. Because Merrick is a f…head."

Kyle on Guy Dobson (Chief Content Officer at SCA) saying Kyle & Jackie O were "out of date"

"I've even sent him a text saying; 'You're a fuck*** for saying that'. And then I had other executives from Austereo contact me and say; 'Don't worry about what Guy says … that's not how we feel, we are devastated you've left."

On their new home at ARN

"These are real radio people, not just accountants who have bought a radio station. Real through and through radio people. We have worked with a lot of people here over the years…we walk around the hallway and are like 'Oh hello, hello, and hello. It's just good, good radio people here. A new station, it's just fresher, it's about time Sydney had a little bit of an injection of something new.

"There is no laziness here. There's no, like, complacent laziness, no arrogant, sit back attitude.

"We're very hungry and always have been, we like it, you know. We get up every day and come in here, we don't want to sort of, ever get to the stage where we are dragging ourselves to work and hating our job.

"And it never got to that stage (with SCA), but it is a bit frustrating at times. I'm just excited about these people."

Kyle on how it all started with ARN

"Well I was told a story, I don't know if I should share it but I'm going to.

"The program director (Duncan Campbell) and CEO (Ciaran Davis) were saying; 'What are we going to do and how are we going to win'. And they said you write down something on a piece of paper and I'll write it down – you know the old thing, and they both wrote down that they needed this show.

"And they told me this story and I said; Well that's great, and that's how it all started. And they knew they were in for it. It's not a cheap show to run. But our support staff are good as well and they are all high paid."

On leaving SCA

"We were negotiating and they were giving us extremely good offers to stay. The last offer was extremely attractive but we had already made up our minds by then to come here.

"It wasn't just about the money – I've read it's just about the salary, but just let me tell you, I'm never ever, ever, taking a salary cut, that will never happen, but it wasn't about the money ever, we had already started on this new station on KIIS FM and what it's gonna be and by then, the vision and excitement coming from this building, was just – its couldn't be ignored. This was the only option. We could have stayed there, then they sent us contracts to stay there, but this was a more attractive offer by the end of the day, in total."

Kyle & Jackie O have also started a brand new Facebook page. See it here along with their explanation to fans about what is happening with their old 2Day fan page.

Kyle & Jackie O start on KIIS 1065 Monday January 20.

Read the full piece (and there's a lot more juicy stuff to check out) in the Sunday Telegraph.

Source for pics above : News Limited (pictured above left is Kyle & Jackie O's EP Simon Greally)

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