KIIS’s Hughesy falls prey to another cheeky prank

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The KIIS Network’s Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes was the target of another elaborate prank by his on-air partner of 15 years, Kate Langbroek.

This time around, Kate got some help from old friend and The Project host Peter Helliar. He’s just released a children’s book titled “Frankie Fish … and the sonic suitcase” about a boy who pranks people for fun.

Seeing this as a fitting opportunity, Kate prepared a fake book for Hughesy’s on-air interview with Helliar yesterday, switching around the title to “Frankie Fish … and the sexy suitcase”, and telling him the book was about a girl who has her first sexual experience with Olly the Octopus.

The fun continued with Helliar pretending to be offended that Hughesy had the book all wrong despite being in on the prank.

It will go down as one of the Hughesy’s most gruelling on-air moments, along with his fake paternity summons, being captured by a drone in the shower and eating cat food.

Listen to the hilarious audio courtesy of the ARN:

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