Jules Lund stands up to bullying

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Jules Lund has a long history of working with young people through his work with the Reach Foundation, and last night he hosted a national show on the Today Network to promote the #ZeroTrollerance campaign.

Guests on the show were Ricky Martin, Lily Allen, Shane Warne and Samantha Jade and the focus was on the adverse effects of online bullying and trolling. 

During the show, Jules spoke to a number of 'trolls' in an effort to find out their motivation for the behaviour.

The #ZeroTrollerance campaign encourages people to remove power from abusive social media users by immediately blocking them. Jules has been calling on all social media users to take a stand against trolls and believes that, like any form of bullying, the power lies with the bystander.


Jules commented; “Unfortunately many people make the mistake of trying to win the trolls over, or worse yet, engage in a heated battle of words.

“We’ve learnt that giving attention to trolls in any way only gives them power, and our message is to take joy in blocking.

“By supporting #ZeroTrollerance, we’re saying that we will no longer stand by, but stand up.”

You can hear show highlights here, or the complete show here.

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