Jonesy and Amanda put Scott Morrison to the Pub Test

Jonesy and Amanda have weighed in on the recent scandal surrounding Scott Morrison’s secret dealings while Prime Minister, putting him under the microscope with their Pub Test segment. 

The Pub Test asks Australians, ‘Should Scott Morrison stay in politics?’

And Aussies seem to have had enough.

While Prime Minister, Scott Morrison secretly met with the Governor General to have himself sworn in as the co-minister of several portfolios, giving himself power over the respective ministers during the pandemic. 

The portfolios he was privately sworn in on include, Health, Finance and Resources, all happening without the standing ministers being notified.

Jonesy and Amanda were baffled by the news of Mr Morrison’s shady movements and even more so by how Mr Morrison responded. 

“Does it mean he doesn’t trust his own cabinet? Was he micro-managing? Was he power-hungry? What does it mean?” said Amanda. 

“It’s like a sketch,” said Jonesy.

On the news, Morrison responded to a Sky News host via text, saying that since ending his time as Prime Minister, he has stopped engaging in day-to-day politics, despite being the MP of the Cook electorate south of Sydney. 

“For him to say he isn’t engaging in day-to-day politics, he is still drawing over $200,000 plus a whole lot of benefits to be the member for Cook,” said Amanda. 

“He is still a member of the house of representatives. He is still a politician.” 

“How cynical, if you don’t want to be there, don’t be there. Talk about quiet quitting.”

Feeling like they aren’t the only ones with raised eyebrows, Jonesy and Amanda used their Pub Test segment to see what ordinary Australians think, asking if Scott Morrison should remain in politics following yet another scandal as a public servant. 

“We’re asking you, Scott Morrison staying in politics, does it pass the Pub Test?” said Amanda.

Responses were a resounding no. Australians seem to have had enough of former Prime Miniter Scott Morrison. 

“Time to go,” said one man. 

“What he’s doing is wrong. How can he turn up each day doing what he’s doing, but he’s still getting paid? He’s not interested in politics, but he’s getting all the perks that go along with it,” said another man. 

“It’s a hard no. He can’t be involved in so many things,” said the final contributor.

Listen below. 

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16 Aug 2022 - 1:53 pm

Maybe we should put Jonesy and Amanda to the pub test and see if they should be allowed to remain on radio after their well publicised involvement in the delaying of a rape trial?

The judge noted comments made by radio hosts Jonesy and Amanda the following morning, in which they clearly “assumed the guilt of the accused”.

16 Aug 2022 - 4:22 pm

Orrrr you could just listen in to either Ben Fordham or Kyle and Jackie O who actually managed to get ScoMo on their show today.


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