Joe Jonas slides into Will & Woody Show DMs to play viral game


The KIIS Network’s Will & Woody have aired their interview with Joe Jonas, after the international superstar slid into their show’s DMs and begged to be a part of the Can You Hear It segment.

Joe happened to stumble upon the duo’s game – which tests people’s ability to differentiate between the sound of a can of beer popping and a can of soft drink popping.

After finding a video of the segment on TikTok, Joe became desperate to play and reached out in the show’s DMs for a chance to prove his expertise in fizzy drinks.

The highest score achieved so far has been 5 out of 5, but Joe aimed to set a new record by going for 6 out of 6.

He even made a wild bet with the guys – that if he achieved that perfect score, Will & Woody would be opening for the Jonas Brothers when they tour in the next year.

Joe did, in fact, get 6 correct.

He told Will & Woody “I saw a lot of videos come across my TikTok and either I like soft drinks or I like beer a lot, so my algorithm is just lined up and I miss Australia so it was inevitable this was going to happen.”

“I’m going into this humbly. I’ve drank a lot of soft drink in my life thus far in the young age of 33. I’ve also had quite a few adult beverages. I can hear that frothy sound that is a little frothier than a soft drink. Let’s see what happens.”

“I would like to thank Will & Woody for having me on, I’d like to thank soft drinks and adult beverages for being there for me when I needed a cold refreshing drink.”

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