Jackie O walks out on Kyle – “Have you got the shits or something”

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Some heated words have been exchanged between Kyle and Jackie O on this morning’s show on KIIS. Kyle’s track record of being away sick was highlighted by Jackie:

"I can't ask you about being sick on a Friday?", Jackie O said.

 ”You’re always sick on a Friday. I’m putting it out there. It leaves me high and dry on the air.”

Kyle went on the defensive saying: ”You’re very rude. I just don’t care what you think."

"I'm not going to come to work vomiting and sick" "You've got no understanding what it's like."

"So I'm not going to go over with it you every time." 

"I just dont care what you think", Kyle said.

Jackie O "Ok, no worries"

Kyle: "Anything else?"

Jackie O: "Nupe, that's it"

Kyle ended with "Oh, it's going to be one of those shows."

Things seemed to calm down a little, their chat went on for another nearly 2 minutes talking about amongst other things "puppies" and their next promo giveaway. Later after a news break Kyle came on and said:

“In the spirit of transparency I’d like everyone to know that during the news Jackie and I have had an argument and Jackie’s left. Not going to go into why, how, when, who said what, what happened … anything that got flicked around …. she’s not here."

Kyle went on with the show minus Jackie O.

Here the full first break of this mornings show below.

It’s not the first time Kyle and Jackie O have clashed. Is this just a moment , a stunt or are cracks appearing?

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