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The Second AudienScope insights have been released today from Commercial Radio Australia and GfK.

With the GfK radio ratings providing the data on “who” is listening to “what”, the  AudienScope looks at the reasons “why” by digging a little deeper into our listeners behaviours.

 The latest national online survey  shows commercial radio listeners "build a strong, lasting and deep relationship with their favourite station and they like to talk about what they’ve heard".  






















CEO of Commercial Radio Australia CRA, Joan Warner said:  “The AudienScope results show us that radio does have a unique relationship with listeners and loyalty to a brand is what every advertiser is thriving to achieve.”  

With Dr Morten Boyer, General Manager of GfK Media backing it with:

“The latest AudienScope research shows how powerful the relationship-building potential of radio is. Modern marketing is not only about products and brands; there is an increasing focus on the value of developing a relationship with your audience and consumers, and radio clearly provides a unique platform for this purpose”.

The Findings and Sample and more Info:

Results are from a national online survey of radio behaviour, providing context and additional perspective to the Australian radio ratings.  This is the second AudienScope research which is to be released quarterly and involves 5,000 respondents per year.  The AudienScope initiative, is believed to be the first quarterly behavioural study as part of an ongoing media audience measurement contract.

AudienScope Q2 2014 can be downloaded at the GfK website here or the new CRA website



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