Is Ed Sheeran worth a wedding invite?

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2DayFM’s Dan & Maz have been running a promo with a difference through the week for listeners to score tickets to Ed Sheeran’s live performance on the 2Day rooftop this friday at Midday.

The premise of the tactic is that there are no free tickets; listeners are required to ‘trade’ something in order to obtain the tickets to the event.

It isn’t the first time Dan & Maz have used the concept; they traded items with listeners who were keen to see The Veronica’s and Katy Perry previously.

So far this week, they have traded Ed Sheeran tickets for Sheeran tickets for;

  • A bar fridge
  • A piece of jewellery inherited from a listeners dead grandmother
  • An acoustic guitar
  • 3 invitations to weddings in October

With a few more slightly ‘creative’ offers as well; A-Grade organic horse manure, a colour Gameboy, a chef’s services for the week, and a 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer.

On friday, prior to being granted admission, listeners will have to physically make the trade otherwise they won’t be granted admission to the event.

Have a listen to some of the callers below.

Dan & Maz EP Leon tries to put together a listener-traded BBQ

Dan & Maz with a listeners 'mums secret lasagne recipe'




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