Inspiration for radio copywriters when they’re stuck for ideas


Radio copywriters know only too well the pressure of dealing with deadlines … not to mention the dreaded writers block.

Hooks, First Lines and Scene Setters is the new e-book by senior creative copywriter and media professional Earl Pilkington.

With 25 different business categories, there are at least 101 hooks, first lines and scene setters in each category taken from commercials to help get the creative juices flowing.

That’s almost 3,000 first lines for radio commercials in this one volume alone.

For example, do you need to write a script for auto repairers? Pages 26 to 28 could fix a problem with your script. Printers or printing services? Pages 72 to 75 will set you up for success.

“While great radio ads are a result of inspiring and great scripts, sometimes it really is very hard just to get started, to come up with an idea, any idea at all, for that first line,” says Earl.

“So, I encourage people to flick around and see what inspires them from other sections to start writing, tell a client’s story and sell.”

“All lines have been taken from my personal archive of almost 40 years of scripts written here in Australia and as a freelancer. Some are very basic – those are the ones for when you get really stuck – others are ‘out there strange’ and very left of centre. Try them out for size and see if they spark something creative in you.”

While it’s free to download now, on September 1st the e-book will be on-sale for $15.99.

“Copywriters like us, who work in commercial radio – don’t get paid a lot – and for the cost of 2 regular coffees per copy – these e-books should help to inspire both new radio people and old. At least – that’s the plan.”

This will be the first in a series of books for radio copywriters.

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Charles Tuna
2 Jul 2022 - 4:27 pm

If I hear another 1 stop shop… see our friendly staff… locally owned….. etc etc . well it aint gonna end well

5 Jul 2022 - 4:41 pm

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