“I Don’t… yet”: Marto’s Marriage Bunker

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Triple M’s Marto & Ed Kavalee have taken it upon themselves to help a guy in need, he needed protection from a potential marriage proposal. Today is Bachelor’s Day– an Irish tradition on Leap Day allowing women to propose marriage rather than the other way around.

Triple M Breakfast’s Marto & Ed Kavalee have taken 23 year old Jesse from Victoria Point and hidden him away in ‘Marto’s Marriage Bunker’.

While Jesse has been with his partner Steph for nearly three years, she’s been hinting that she planned on proposing today. So Jesse has taken Marto & Ed up on their offer for protection – spending the day in secret location in lockdown.  It’s stocked with all the essentials – a PS4, Poker set, a pool, DVD’s and food.

Triple M are live from the Bunker until 4pm and tomorrow Marto & Ed Kavalee will have Steph on the show to get her reaction to the great escape. Word is last time Triple M did this one, the couple broke up, ouch.


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