Hughesy springs a big surprise


It’s been a winning week on Sydney’s 104.1 2Day FM breakfast show Hughesy, Ed & Erin, with Hughesy heading out to Hammondville to deliver listener Lisa a brand-new car and a whopping $10,000 cheque.

Winning the vehicle by playing 2Day FM’s Alphabucks, Lisa opened the boot to find Hughesy with the giant cheque.

In an interesting turn of events, Lisa’s neighbour Laura had played Alphabucks that same day, but missed out on a brand-new Hyundai and $10,000 by ONE QUESTION.

She had to watch Lisa receive her brand-new car and the cash, unintentionally adding salt to the wound!

2Day FM’s Alphabucks is giving away 10 cars in 10 weeks PLUS a cheeky $10,000 in the glove box with an overall prize pool of $600,000 in cars and cash guaranteed to be won by lucky Sydney listeners.

Three cars and $30,000 has already been claimed.

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Jimmy Quick
4 Aug 2022 - 8:35 am

Nice of Hughesy to fly up from Melbourne to surprise the winner!

Radio Nerd
7 Aug 2022 - 10:19 am

@Jimmy Quick he’s been in Sydney a lot recently for The Masked Singer filming.


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