How Danny/Boyd: A Bulldogs Podcast was born


One is a Western Bulldogs premiership player. The other is a headline stand-up comedian, radio regular and AFL premiership banner writer.

Both share a deep connection with the Western Bulldogs.

It’s a pairing that had ‘podcast’ written all over it, and that’s and that’s exactly how things have panned out for Danny McGinlay and Tom Boyd.

On Danny/Boyd: A Bulldogs Podcast, Danny and Tom discuss what they consider to be the greatest footy club in the world, and all the emotions that come with supporting it.

The Melbourne-based duo spoke to Radio Today about the podcast that was born over a few pints at the pub:

You share a deep connection with the Western Bulldogs, but prior to doing a podcast together, how well did you two know each other?

We met professionally at the Dogs (Tom in his role as player and Danny in his role as events MC), and had a few good chats, then Tom came to see Danny’s Comedy Festival show and the friendship blossomed from there.

Tell us how the podcast began.

In between the first and second lockdowns we met at a pub to watch a Dogs game and after a couple of pints the idea was born (which is how 95% of all podcasts are created).

Danny/Boyd sounds like a podcast title that was just meant to be. Does it all feel like a natural fit?

We looked at putting a pun about Dogs in the title: Dogcast, The Doghouse, Dogs of War, etc but all those names were taken. Tom has a marketing degree and made the good point that our names should be in the title, and Danny’s wife simply blurted out Danny/Boyd and it was so obvious we locked it in.

Doing a podcast often means spending a fair bit of time together: Do you two ever have creative differences or disagreements?

When we record online (which we try to avoid but often it’s impossible) we have a constant argument over who’s internet is stuffing up (It’s Tom’s).

Overall we get along because we’re two grown-ups who have better things to be angry about like opposition clubs, umpiring decisions and Tom’s internet.

What do you hope listeners get out of the podcast?

A classic insider/outsider’s view of footy. Between Danny’s passion and Tom’s actual knowledge we hope the average listener can learn something whilst sharing the highs and lows of supporting the greatest football club in the universe.

Along the way it’s also been great to share some of the things that we are passionate about, whether it be with Danny and comedy or with Tom with his work in the mental health space. All in all, we want people to have a good time, have a laugh and (occasionally) learn something.

Episodes of Danny/Boyd: A Bulldogs Podcast can be found here.

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