HOT FM WA versus The EDGE NZ

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Has it turned into Nation versus Nation? 

Can a single Joke be the World's BEST?

Are we trying to draw links between two great radio nations, two radio networks in Australasia?

Has The Greatest Joke Ever Told been taken and re-worked?

A few weeks back  Rosie Panetta from HotFM’s breaky show in WA was challenged by co-host Ryan Jon to tell the The Greatest Joke Ever Told…. It has all the right suspense production values – short, sweet and it closed off the piece nicely for the team. A recap video is below:


Across the Ditch in NZ on The Edge…  “The Best Joke In The World with Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom” surfaced in the last week.  

Working around MediaWorks (owners of The Edge)  video content proved just as long as their explanation and “telling of the joke” – anyway – we can’t embed the video like the HOT FM one. So click on the video image to the right , cue in about 3 min 41 secs unless the NZ National Anthem and a bunch of other stuff is your thing to get to "the Joke" presentation. 

 When even  Edge listeners are saying “hurry up and get on with this”,  or some other "choice as" words, something is going on.

Similiarites?  All in good fun – Absolutely!

So who won the joke stakes?  You decide.










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