Hit96.9 narrowly maintains the top: Shepparton Survey 1, 2023

The Shepparton Survey 1, 2023 results have been released today, showing Hit96.9 Goulburn Valley narrowly maintaining the top of the 10+ category with 25.4 (+0.2), while 95.3 Triple M Goulburn Valley trail closely behind with 23.6 (+4.6).

10+ Snapshot:

  • Hit96.9 – 25.4 (+0.2)
  • 95.3 Triple M – 23.6 (+4.6)
  • ABC Shepparton – 7.4 (-0.8)

Triple M Goulburn Valley closed its distance from Hit 96.9 since the last survey, showing the most growth in the region with an increase of +4.6 to find 23.6.

Triple M’s growth across all but one demographic of the 10+ has contributed to the overall increase. The station had a particularly noteworthy increase of +12.5 in the 40-54 demographic.

triple j had losses in all demographics of the 10+, particularly in the 10-17 slot which contributed to an overall -2.3 drop in the 10+ in this survey.

In the session results, Hit96.9 and Triple M have run quite closely, with Hit holding Breakfast, Afternoon, Drive and Weekend while Triple M now hold the Morning and Evening slots.

ABC Shepparton and triple j have shown losses in all time slots, but triple j’s cume drops are particularly considerable loss.

Triple M’s cume is on the rise, increasing in almost all sessions, while Hit96.9 hangs somewhat in the balance with minor rises and decreases across sessions.

Find the full tables below. Click on images to enlarge.


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Interesting Perspective
5 Apr 2023 - 9:34 am

Given the market, it’d be interesting to see what the results would have been if ONE FM were included. Aside from the ABC, it’s the only dedicated, non syndicated local service.. I think it’d skew these results a bit differently. Makes you wonder if they were left out intentionally, assuming SCA paid for the survey.

@Interesting perspective
11 Apr 2023 - 10:52 am

Your suggestions and questions indicate you’re not overly educated in the ratings process.

#1 Anyone published in the public report has paid for it. You want a gauge your audience/market and be included in the results, that’s something you pay for. GFK and XTRA aren’t out there doing this for the love of it.

#2 Just because a station is not included doesn’t mean the stats were not captured. People doing a survey can tick any radio station in the market. If a station is not included in the public report it doesn’t change the share or cume figures of the others. EG – One FM being taken out of the public report doesn’t increase SCA station shares. That would be silly. But they can’t be included in the public report because…. they haven’t paid for it.

#3 While many community stations are out there doing a tremendous job at providing local content, rarely do they compete in any significant way with major commercial brands. They hold their own for sure, and word of mouth wise do well enough, but have never posed a huge threat in many markets.

Instead of worrying about the commercial brands and what figures say what, pour that energy into your show on ONE FM, or into how to increase ONE’s listenership as a loyal fan.


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