Hit92.9’s Heidi, Xavier & Ryan reveal results of nearly-naked billboard bet

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It started as a humble ambition for Hit Perth‘s Xavier Ellis to shed a few kilos but it’s ended with a giant billboard of co-host Ryan Jon in some very revealing budgie smugglers.

Earlier in the year, Xavier expressed a desire to get down to 92.9kg before the AFL Grand Finals at the end of September.

This wasn’t high enough stakes for Ryan, however, who issued the wager that if Xavier failed to reach his goal he would have to be the one 10 feet high in his grundies and if he made it, Ryan would show the skin.

Well, the final results are in and with Xavier sliding in at 92.5kg, the Breakfast team has today unveiled the very prominent advertisement of Ryan doing his best as a centrefold model.

Listen to the full weigh-in and reveal below.

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4 Sep 2018 - 11:55 am

As a chubby-chaser, I love this.


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