Hinch calls Laws a ‘c***’

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Derryn Hinch has joined the myriad of commentators criticising John Laws for his questioning of a sexual abuse victim last week.

** And be forewarned, there is extremely strong language in the below article. **

Hinch has written, in part, at his 'Human Headline' website;

"The woman told Laws that after nine years of abuse she had found the courage at 15 to confide in a social worker — the year before her father kicked her out of her home . As she started to get emotional, Laws asked: 'Are you unattractive?' What the bleep has that got to do with anything? What planet does this man live on? What strange Wild Turkey-fuelled ivory tower does he dream in? How out of touch with the real world can you be?"

"Several years ago Bob (Rogers, 2CH) and I were lunching at a wharf restaurant at Woolloomoloo. It was the day Laws retired from 2UE. The bourbon-fuelled broadcaster lurched up to our table and launched into an insane tirade."

"He called us both 'despicable cunts.' It is a four-letter word I abhor and never use. Until now."

"John Laws, on behalf of all those who suffered sexual abuse as children, especially those who couldn't stand the ignorance and indifference to their plight from people like you and killed themselves:

You, sir, are a despicable cunt. Shame on you."


You can read Hinch's complete article here.

Read Radio Today's view of Laws comments (and hear the audio) here.


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