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Heidi Anderson makes up one third of  92.9’s Breakfast Show ‘Heidi, Will & Woody’ in Perth and is regular contributor for Perth Now.  She appears on Radio Today thanks to The Broadside.

Every day I strive to better than I was yesterday…

When I wake up and turn the mic on every morning my goal is to be better than I was the day before and to grow after every feedback session I have with the Content Director.

I constantly get calls from girls in regional markets asking me how I powered through to where I am and how I survived my regional stint? My response; hard work and belief!! (One of the reasons I got “Believe” tattooed on my wrist.)

My advice to you if you have struggled in 2014 is that you are NOT alone, we all go through it so stay strong and make 2015 your bitch.

Don’t give up, we all have moments when we want to chuck it in, hell I remember the time in Bunbury I was working my arse off…sometimes 14-16 hour LONG days and I was so ready to crack.

I thought I’d never get out and all the work I was doing was for nothing and then when I heard someone got a job in another market, I was devastated. I remember Mickey Mayher (Content Director of 92.9 at the time) calling me to talk me through my mini meltdown, he said to me “Enjoy the time you have in Bunbury as you will look back and regret not being in the moment. Stop trying to get out and own the town.”

That’s what I needed to hear, we all spend so much time in these markets trying to get out. Well take it from me, STOP those thoughts. Yes have goals but OWN the market you are in and STAY in the moment. Not only then will your content grow and blossom BUT you will find happiness in your radio journey.

That I did and you can too in 2015.

My great analogy on this is…it’s like when you’re single and you’re so desperately searching for Prince Charming, he’s right under your nose but you can’t see him because you’re blinded by desperation. Once you stop seeking he appears. You get married and you live happily ever after. That’s what you’re regional stint is like, stop seeking, stand still in your market and it will happen. I promise.

After a few meltdowns, I then continued to be Bunbury and the WA market in all its glory. I got out there in the town and lived the life of a Bunbarian, I spoke their language. I lived and breathed the WA market. Some of you are probably thinking right now “How the hell am I ever going to get out of here?” – well I can guarantee if you work hard and make noise from whatever part of Australia you’re in YOU will get out.

When you’re working in regional you have to be your number 1 fan. The reason why Content Directors knew who Tom and I were was because when we did great stuff we championed ourselves. We made sure people heard about it. We sent air checks, emails, funny videos, stunts etc to CD’s / radio websites / other media outlets all around the country…because we owned it and were proud of our content. PR is what it’s all about. PR the shit out of yourselves, you’re not being up yourself – own your hard work and awesome content.

We constantly sought out feedback when we were in regional; we were always looking at bettering ourselves. One of the BIG things I believe got me where I am is my  mentors. Without them teaching and guiding me I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Seek out mentors in the industry, don’t just wait for them to find you. Build relationships with fellow announcers, Content Directors, etc. Content Directors like Mickey Maher from Brisbane, Todd Campbell from Perth, Katrina Tibbits from Regional WA along with many others have played a significant role in my development.

Kat I worked together in my first brekky gig in Bunbury, she gave me many tools to take with me in my radio journey. She is still a HUGE fan and always has my back. Mickey Mayher, I threw myself in front of when he worked at 92.9 and I consistently sent him air checks and called him to throw around ideas etc. I don’t speak to Mickey Maher as much these days BUT I know he’ll always be there for me. Todd Campbell became a great friend and mentor when I was in Bunbury also. I heard through Mickey he was a great CD and gave him a call and basically asked if he would be my mentor. He said YES and from that day we’ve stayed in touch and he is now my boss at 92.9. He gave me a job!!! Legend :)
So I guess what I’m saying don’t be shy…don’t just sit back and wait for something to happen. You are the creator of your own universe. CD’s are busy they won’t always know who you are, so introduce yourself. I’m more than happy in 2015 to help you too, so feel free to hit me up anytime [email protected]

I had some really dark days in regional when I thought I was never going to get out. I suffered moments of depression, anxiety and absolute exhaustion. I had moments where I wasn’t sure I could do this any more, I questioned whether all my hard work was even worth it. It is, and I promise you, you will succeed. Don’t give up and keep striving to be better than you were yesterday. Own your market, get a column in the local paper, go to sporting events, be a part of the community. Own the town, live in the moment and have FUN doing it. Sometimes you forget about why you’re doing it because we’re so caught up in getting to the next job. Well stop and remember why you got into radio. I got into it because it is FUN. I want to have fun with my friends every day.

I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to have the perfect break and sometimes in the studio I forgot to have fun. Our poor co-hosts. I know they can be absolute twats but geez it must’ve been hard for them to deal with my radio critical brain sometimes.

Doing a perfect break isn’t the be all and end all. When I was going through my shitty stage in Bunbury and was trying to control and make everything perfect on air so I could be the best to get out I forgot to have fun and I’m sure some of you are doing that right now. Never lose sight of the fact that we have the best job in the world and the reason why it’s fun is because we make it that way.

I introduced the “F**k it” attitude into the studio and it was the best thing I ever did. “F**k it” – if something really bothers me, I write it down in my book and if it’s still feels like the worst thing in the world after the show, I’ll address it. If it’s not bothering me any more, I’ll say F**k it. Having a carefree, fun attitude in the studio is key. Address any issues after.

I could bang on with so much more but you’re all probably bored as bat shit by now. If you have any questions or would like any advice feel free to hit me up any time.

2015 is your year, make it your bitch.

Big love and merry Christmas

Heidz xx

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