People with mental health issues should feel less alone

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I have written about mental health loads in the past, this year especially, because I spoke out for the first time about my anxiety, back in April.

After I did, I was overwhelmed with support and I heard from people all over the world — I had to respond to 1000-plus messages.

The one big thing I got from each individual is that they all felt alone.

This week marks Mental Health Week and this is for people who feel alone and may be suffering from mental health issues, or know someone who is.

Did you know one in five people aged 18-85 will be diagnosed with mental health illnesses?

The more we speak out about it and start conversations, the less alone people will feel.

Mental health is something we all take for granted sometimes and it is a topic that can make many of us feel uncomfortable.

And that shouldn’t be the case, so let’s keep this conversation going today!

You can search for “Bianca and Heidi get mental-er” on iTunes or listen at

We discuss all about our anxiety in the first chat and in the second episode, we caught up with Perth blogger Constance Hall and musical star Rob Mills.

Both of them are extremely passionate about mental health and open up about their own experiences.

In episodes to come, we’ll chat with a local truck driver, Marty about his anxiety, comedian Tom Ballard will join us, along with Edwina Bartholomew and many more.––

This week, I launched a mental health podcast with one of my radio sisters Gold 92.5’s Bianca Dye.

Both of us have anxiety and our mission is to break down taboos around invisible illnesses one step at a time.

Heidi Anderson, one third of hit92.9 Perth’s Heidi, Will and Woody.  This story orginal appeared in Thanks to Heidi for allowing us to republish.

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