Hamish & Andy reveal their 2015 plans

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“…we are in negotiations with SCA to perhaps do a breakfast slot next year”, Andy

Hamish & Andy have finally revealed their plans for 2015 and what better forum than the industries night of nights, the ACRAs. The industry has been abuzz with speculation of what H&A are planning for the New Year, so they laid it all out Saturday night.

"In here we can be honest…  If we know one thing, in this room we don’t have secrets from each other” 

“We’re a special bunch like that, when one of knows something, we all have to know it, that’s the way we are”, said Hamish.

“If everyone agrees to keep it in the room and we can keep it as a secret as promised, we’ll let you in …that we are officially saying.. we are in negotiations with SCA to perhaps do a breakfast slot next year” Andy said.

 “However that’s only if our breakfast show demands are met and they are sizable”, said Hamish

Their list went a little something like this:

“Southern Cross Austereo management agrees to organise for everyone in Australia to now get up at midday and for the Australian workday to legally start at 2pm at the earliest,” Blake said.

“If that happens send around a black thunder pilot to chauffer me to the station right away”, Hamish

“If we’re assigned to 2Day FM, Sydney’s hit music station, we require that whole building to be moved to our home town of Melbourne,” Lee joked.

Hamish: “Andy gets twice as many sick days as Kyle gets in his contract at Kiis FM,”

“Management must understand that this could mean Andy doesn’t show up for three years straight.”

All live reads are to be done by Siri”, Andy

“The 30 second delay we have at SCA, must be extended to a 30 day delay…” Hamish

They also demanded Lachlan Murdoch’s yacht is be bought by SCA but a couple of other demands surfaced including Lawsy to be their “Gossip dude” and they can use his Rolls-Royce as a new Black Thunder vehicle.

“The radio show cannot interfere with Andy’s television commitments next year … TV’s The Bachelor,” said Hamish

“If all of those conditions can be met….”, Hamish

“And only if”, Andy

“Then we will do breakfast…. Then if not then no fucking way”, said Hamish

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