Grant Denyer reveals Family Feud has been cancelled

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Network Ten’s long running game show Family Feud will not return for another season, Grant Denyer told 2DayFM Breakfast this morning.

“Family Feud is wrapping up,” Grant said.

“It’s obviously been a huge success for myself and Ten over the past four years. We only thought we’d ever get two years out of it.”

“It rebirthed me, if you like. So you have a sentimentality towards it.”

Grant also told co-hosts Em and Ed that he felt Network Ten were “guilty of driving it into the ground” and had “squeezed the lemon a little too much.”

“Jab them as you walk out the door,” responded Em.

He then revealed that he did not enjoy always having the tag of gameshow host on him, but will return to the network to work on “big and bold and shiny new programs.”

Family Feud Australia began airing in 2014, and has seen a massive 1,200 episodes.

It has been the fourth revival of the show, based on the US game show of the same name, with the previous version Bert’s Family Feud hosted by Bert Newton in 2006 on the Nine Network.

By comparison, Bert’s version only saw 280 episodes.

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8 May 2018 - 10:22 am

So much for cross promotion on the tele ! SCA might hire Matthew Newton next for 2day brekky.

8 May 2018 - 1:22 pm

Hey Brian you bird brain I reckon SCA will be thrilled he is out of that terrible show.

11 May 2018 - 3:50 am

Network Ten moved Neighbours to Eleven. So, why not do the same thing with Family Feud? If Grant is the new host of Pointless, why don’t they just find someone else to host Family Feud? Why don’t they just air it five days a week instead of six?


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