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5AA Adelaide's long-serving evening host Bob Francis has released his life story as a book. In keeping with the attitude that he brings to his on-air program, the book is titled 'kiss my arse'. 

"People have an impression of who I am from one meeting; they either like you or dislike you" Francis commented to the Adelaide Advertiser "So here is a book that tells you everything with no holds barred, then at the end of it if you like me or hate me; kiss my arse anyway"

Francis is famous for being abusive and blunt to callers or guests who he loses patience with. One of the more famous (or infamous) incidents being when he branded a caller a ‘dickbrain’ three years ago. This saw him become a viral sensation on youtube, appear on mediawatch, and recently that phrase with a caricature of Francis was used in a Jon Blake sketch on Triple M Adelaide.

"I can't believe the freedom I do get in radio. I realise there is a lot of language that I use on air” said Francis "I'm no different on air to off-air except for the occasional f-word I can't say."

Francis is now 73, rates number one, and plans to stay on 5AA as long as they’ll have him. For their part, 5AA have said they’ll keep him “as long as (he doesn’t) lose (his) marbles”.

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