Fitzy & Wippa team still in isolation despite negative COVID-19 results

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Nova 96.9‘s Fitzy & Wippa Breakfast show continues to broadcast from five different locations, after a coronavirus scare earlier this week.

Smallzy jumped in for the team on Monday, with the whole team getting tested after smoothfm’s Richard Wilkins returned a positive test result for COVID-19.

From Tuesday, each of Fitzy & Wippa, Sarah McGilvray, Tommy Ivey and Matt De Groot began broadcasting from their own homes as a precaution.

After days of waiting, each of the five team members finally returned negative results, but based on advice from the Department of Health, the show won’t return to the Nova Sydney studios until Thursday, March 26.

“I’m pleased to hear that and thanks for observing the self isolation as well, it’s a great example for everyone,” said PM Scott Morrison, when he spoke with Fitzy & Wippa on Thursday (March 20).

“I know it can be inconvenient but at the end of the day when we all do the right thing and that’s protecting the more vulnerable and that’s old people or even young people who are going through things like chemo treatment, we do the right thing.”

After such a near miss, Fitzy & Wippa’s show has been heavily focussed on providing helpful and factual information for people,  chatting to experts, and telling their own accounts of the self-isolation process.

“We’ve got to keep laughing and stay positive because of the mental health impacts,” said Dr Andrew Rochford, speaking with the show.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the new normal is something that is really impacting everyone, we have to smile, we have to keep each other positive. We have to stay on top of this in a sense by supporting each other, giving the good information. Keep doing what you do, keep people laughing, it’s just as important.”

Fitzy & Wippa remain committed to bringing listeners their favourite segments including the Friday Rap Battle, which they performed from their own homes today:

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