Fairfax Perth launch own road safety campaign

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6PR and 96FM in Perth, both owned by Fairfax, have launched their own road safety campaign after a compelling interview with a local mother who lost 3 of her 4 kids in a car accident caused by a driver who was texting.

The staff at the two Perth stations were so moved by the interview they decided to do their bit.

Six ads voiced by 6PR morning host Gary Adshead (right) and 96FM breakfast host Ian Blackley (below) will air across the next 2 long weekends (Easter and Anzac Day).

6PR and 96FM Sales Director Brooke Timmins-Taulelei said: "We've been so moved by the terrible impact to just this one local family, let alone the many others that go unheard of, that we felt compelled to act.

"With many people driving out of town for an Easter break, 6PR and 96FM are the perfect medium to communicate this critical message. We play an important role in the community and this is one way we can try to avert any more terrible and unnecessary tragedies. The issue of texting and driving will continue to be an important talk topic on 6PR."

Here's one of the scripts :-

"This is not a paid advertisement. It’s a message to all Perth drivers on behalf of 6PR. Recently we spoke to Maria O’Shea who lost 3 children to a texting driver. This was a strong reminder for ALL of us to give our FULL attention to the road ahead this Easter. Turn off your mobile phone BEFORE you start the car. Put it in the glove box….or the back seat. Let’s make Perth roads SAFE, for everyone. Texting and driving? IT CAN WAIT.”

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