Facebook Performance in 2015 – How Does Radio Stack UP?

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The Online Circle is a specialist in the digital space and they have one of the most established Facebook benchmarking tools in Australia.  

Put simply, they take BIG data and generate some fantastic insights into Facebook usage across multiple industries in Australia.  

So how does Radio stack UP?

The Australian Facebook Performance Report compares data for the first quarter of 2015  (January 1 to March 31) across 20 categories and over 500 brands.


Top 20 Industries by Engagement for 2015:

In the Engagement Stakes, Radio in Australia can stand up and be proud again. The industry blitzes it, as we saw with their report in late 2014.

Radio as a category has three times more Engagement compared to second ranked, News and Magazines.  Radio is also way out in front of Television.

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Top 30 Facebook Pages by Engagement for Quarter 1 in 2015:

Great to see Radio out in front with its respective brands. Each of the major FM commercial groups get a showing in the Top 30.

  • 6 out of the Top 30 for quarter 1 of 2015 are Southern Cross Austereo properties – Fifi & Dave are now #1 (Last quarter it was hit107). Overall 6 out of the Top 10 Facebook pages in Australia for 2015 are owned by SCA, which is the same result as last years results.
  • 4 were Nova Entertainment properties. Nova Perth leading the charge this time round at position number 11 with Melbourne and Adelaide close behind and Brisbane following down the rankings.
  • 2 were ARN properties, being KIIS 1065 and further down The Edge 96.1.


Top 20 Industries by Fan Growth:

While Radio dominates with the Engagement stakes, it is News and Magazines as an Industry category that has seen the most growth of Fans for the first quarter. News and Magazines has over a 10k lead in the Fan space.



Radio Facebook Performance Report:

The Online Circle break out the data even further. Ranking not only Radio brands but the Talent brands as well.

Hamish and Andy kill it overall but are down compared the final quarter results on 2014. With their return in July, it will be interesting to see if they recover some of the lost ground.

Both triple j and SBS rank number and 2 and 3 respectively and have gained some ground on 2014 results.


The Online Circle’ analysis also spins out to music, really any area of your listeners lives, you can get a gauge on how and what drives them on the social platform of Facebook.

Something to note, on March 6th Facebook pushed the button to start removing inactive accounts (de-activated/people who died etc). The data shows the hit with some massive declines in “Likes” on some pages. Some categories suffering more than others. The categories closest to us affected the most, according to The Online Circle, were musicians/bands and TV Shows.



Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia,  shared with Radio Today:   “This correlates with our own research demonstrating the continued positive impact of social media on radio. Radio triggers a superior level of interaction, and continues to lead the field in building lasting, deep relationships with audiences.” 

You can register to  download a copy of The Australian Facebook Performance Report from The Online Circle’  here.




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