Meshel Laurie on Eddie McGuire: “You know what, you’re a pig.”

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KIIS 101.1’s Meshel Laurie has taken aim at Eddie McGuire: “Eddie was a pig, who was unable to speak without encouraging violence against women, and should be not be allowed On-Air.”

KIIS 101.1’s Matt & Meshel were covering Triple M’s Eddie McGuire comments when he said he would pay $50k to see Fairfax Footy journalist Caroline Wilson stay under a pool of icy water. Meshel said on-air this morning:

“Listen I’m aware there will be blowback because people will say that I’m criticising Eddie McGuire because he rates higher than I do on Melbourne radio, I think they will say that.

Because I am saying absolutely fundamentally, that he should not be allowed to broadcast. This is a man who cannot speak without spreading hate and now encouraging violence against women. He should not be allowed to broadcast, it’s that simple.”

Matt Tilley took it in a different direction saying:

“If that was a male journalist, if that was Mark Robinson who had been giving them all grief and writing them up and touching them up, and they said that, probably no one would blink. They’d go, ‘oh that’s just someone they don’t like’.”

Meshel responded:

Men aren’t murdered at a rate of one a week in Australia… I draw the line at making fun of drowning a woman. God, it really does turn my stomach, that conversation, ‘I’ll hold her under’, what are you thinking, you idiot? You should now be allowed to speak outside of your own house, let alone on the radio.”

Eddie has formally apologised on-air this morning, see our earlier story.

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