Eagle FM & PD part ways over concert

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A war of words in Goulburn this week over a local concert supported by Eagle FM. The story has been reported in full in the Goulburn Post.

The concert, on 30 March, was branded as the 'Eagle FM Mini Day Out' and featured a number of live performances including X-Factor contestant Tyrone Georgiardis. 

This week, that artist's manager Alex Reid, said that his client was booked by Eagle FM's Program Director Dene Broadbelt (right) who had agreed verbally a fee of $800 for the performance, and for a meet and greet with local fans. 

He went on to say that Eagle FM had then refused to pay his client.

Reid has claimed that after a week of attempting to contact Eagle FM to arrange the payment he received an email from Broadbelt saying that the money had been transferred;

“Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you sooner, I have been flat chat and will be for the next 20 days”

“My personal accountant has advised that payment was made on Monday of this week. Could you please confirm his bank account information for me to cross reference with her to double check there was no error in bank account information.”

Subsequently Reid has claimed that the General Manager of Eagle FM, Gail Bowdern had declined to pay the invoice saying that Broadbelt had acted on his own behalf without approval from the radio station.

Reid said; “(Mr Broadbelt) was the program director for the radio station and he was acting on their behalf so the radio station has to be liable for it.”

The General Manager of Goulburn Radio has now paid the artist's invoice, and a photographer who had also not been paid for their services. She went on to say;

“It was a Goulburn Mulwaree Council event and a Youth Council event. It was not an Eagle FM event other than we were supporting it. It was not held by, funded by or managed by Eagle FM. We had naming rights but we weren’t financially responsible"

“Dene Broadbelt engaged these services without the permission of Goulburn Radio or Eagle FM but we just want to make sure these artists get what they are owed because they did it in good faith with our program director. So we’re making payment today.”

Dene Broadbelt, who has this week left Eagle FM, has defended his actions saying;

“I clearly stated to Andrew (Blackwood) on the phone that he had to bill me directly because it was a free event and it wasn’t to do with the station"

“I have resigned from Eagle FM due to family issues but I have told the guys that I will get around to reinstating that payment” 

This story courtesy of the Goulburn Post, you can see their complete report here.

Image from Dene Broadbelts website.

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