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Guy Dobson has spoken about the latest survey, and the much-discussed influence of the 'Kyle factor' saying that the results show that Sandilands is clearly not a turn-off for listeners.

He has commented that the 'outrage' is more a preoccupation for the media.

''The "octopus tentacles'' of social media and websites such as (the Sydney Morning Herald) and that of the Daily Telegraph were feeding off the story because it was good for business, I can understand why (they) do that but it is more of a story for (them) than it is for us.''

In yesterdays survey the 2Day FM Breakfast program increased share by 0.1% to 9.8%, remaining the #1 FM Breakfast show, 0.8% ahead of WS-FM's Jonesy & Amanda who registered their highest ever share. 

So is Dobson right, or has there been a negative impact on listenership? Below is a graph from the Nielsen Sydney Breakfast ratings of each of the FM stations over the past year. The graph is a 4-survey rolling average of the 10+ figure.

Looking at the 4-survey rolling average, 2Day Breakfast has come back a little (-0.5%), however it should be kept in perspective that it remains over 2% higher than any other show, and on the rolling average is consistently above a 10-share.

The big mover is WS-FM's Jonesy & Amanda, who even prior to their big result yesterday were on a solid upwards trend. The WS Breakfast show will be one to keep an eye on in coming surveys.

For the rest of the stations: Triple M may have had a bad day yesterday, however year on year they are up. That said: Triple M's trend-line has flattened out, and is coming off slightly. The remaining three: Mix, 95.3 and Nova, are virtually completely flat with none of those Breakfast programs, at this point, showing any growth in the rolling average.

''I challenge anyone to say that these figures show it has hurt us'' Dobson said of the November 'fat slag' incident ; "Kyle and Jack are up and we'll have a ripper survey next book, 2Day is dominating under 40 radio in Sydney"

The 2Day Breakfast cume improved by 9,000 people to 539,000 per week, nearly 90,000 listeners ahead of any other station in Sydney.

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