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David Rymer is the Triple M Brisbane CD, he came home to SCA after a great run taking Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast to Number 1 last year. In January he made the move to Brisbane. Last week David secured Luke Bradnam to be part of the Triple M 2017 line-up, we talk to David about the plans for the new show and how it’s all going at the M’s.

Blair: Luke Bradnam –   is joining the Triple M Brisbane line-up for 2017… a great move… in last weeks story you talked about an early drive home type show… something ahead of Merrick & Australia?

David: Yes…It’s very much an early Drive with commutes here getting underway long before traditional knock off times. So it really makes complete sense. It will complement Merrick and Australia similar to how it does in Melbourne and Adelaide. Local early Drives or Rush Hours work really well in those markets just as an early local Drive will be perfect for Brisbane.


Blair: Will he run solo or are you looking at teaming him up with someone?

David:We have not thought beyond simply getting Luke on board. Luke starts in January next year so there is plenty of time to think about building a show around him. But he is also a brilliant solo operator. At this stage it’s a blank canvas.

Blair: What will be the point of difference with the show?

David: One word…Local! It will be very Brisbane centric and Luke will bring that edge being a quintessential Queenslander tapping into what makes this city tick.


Blair: You worked with Luke while you were CD at Hot Tomato – what makes him stand out from the crowd?

David: He speaks his mind and is the great “larrikin”. He loves ideas and has the courage to experiment and break from the formulaic stuff. Luke’s also really hungry and a terrific student of radio always looking for new ideas and inspiration. With that in mind he’ll simply have a bigger stage to perform on here at Triple M.

Blair: I guess the bonus with Luke is his TV work… on the money for a typical Triple M male covering fishing and boating and the like?

David: Profile always helps and his TV work with Nine is the perfect synergy.

Blair: A few months into being CD at Triple M Brisbane… how is it going?

David: Surprisingly it feels like I never left although the world of content deployment has changed and it excites me every day about how we are forging our brands into the digital space. So much is going on here and it’s really impressive stuff.


Blair: How is being back in the swing with eight surveys a year now compared to the Gold Coast when at Hot Tomato?

David: Well we were getting good ones at Hot Tomato so it was great we could trade off them for longer periods of time. But yes, with eight a year they do come around fast.

It feels like a series of sprints rather than three half marathons. But at the end of the day, you’re always in survey right?




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