Craig Bruce: ‘nothing lasts forever’

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Hot off the back of the announcement that Kyle & Jackie O are finishing up at 2Day FM after 13 years together, I caught a few minutes with SCA's Head of Content, Craig Bruce.

Mark: Thanks for your time Craig, big day.

Craig: Things come to an end. Nothing lasts forever, my job is to make sure when these moments come along we are as ready as we can be and we are.

We're finishing up with one of the most exhilarating FM breakfast show in Australian radio history. We know exactly what we're about to face next year but every single one of us is excited about the new year. We'll have 3 new shows in our biggest markets, Melbourne and Sydney breakfast and likely a change on national drive.

Mark: So Fifi and Jules will play a role on either Sydney or Melbourne breakfast ?

Craig: We have talent that we've developed over the past 12-18 months both in national shows and with talent we've developed on weekends. You can read between the lines and I'm sure everyone will have a good red hot go at trying to guess what the lineups will look like.

Mark: Are either Kyle or Jackie O staying with SCA ?

Craig: No.

Mark: Going to another network ?

Craig: Not that I know of.

Mark: Is Kyle replacing Gus on Triple M ? (hear audio here)

Craig: (Laughs) I cannot believe that people heard that and thought it was serious. It was Triple M taking the piss and I thought it was hilarious. It's bang on for what Triple M should do.

Everyone who has worked on radio, regardless of your position on Kyle, cannot possibly not appreciate the fact he's one of the great broadcasters that we've all seen and heard.

I spent a lot of time with Kyle yesterday. He is very comfortable with where he's at and the decision we've come to. Spending that time with him reminded me that he's engaging, he's funny, he's personable and we're going to finish the show as we should, with dignity. It's a show that will finish strongly and hopefully #1 as it should.

Great shows should finish on top. If you think of Seinfeld, Breaking Bad etc, these guys have picked their moment and we're appreciative of the fact that we can do this in a way that's completely celebratory.

We want to go 'that was a great show'. Yes we've had moments, in 9 years there have been 3 or 4 moments we would like to take back but across the journey it's been an extraordinary show.

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