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Paul Taylor (or PT to his mates), celebrates 30 years in Radio and 30 years at the same station he rocked up too at age 21. Back then he had “a lot more hair along with an earring, and a gold chain round the neck”.

PT does the Big Show on 3BA FM in the city of Ballarat, which he has called home, “they are my family”. We caught up with PT to talk about his carer and the changes he has seen.

First up PT congrats on 30 years at 3BA FM…  when did it all start?


11pm on the 5th of January 1987, I walked through the front door and up the stairs to commence my foray into radio doing mid-dawns, my shift for the next 18 months.


So as a 21 year old, the studio would have been just a little different to what you use now?

The panel, which was dubbed the “Tardis” was hexagonal in shape and firmly bolted to the floor in the middle of a smoke filled room. Looked like it was on fire but they were the days of smoking in the studio. Turntables, cart machines and reel to reel machines the hi tech gadgets of the day.


And you had more hair?

A lot more along with an earring, gold chain round the neck and a few rings on fingers but as I aged they disappeared along with my hair, but I truly believe that bald is beautiful


You would have been there when 3BA moved from AM to FM as well?

I was and that begs the question, why didn’t am stereo music ever take off? If memory serves me it was 1996 that 3BA changed to FM after the introduction of our second commercial licence which saw the birth of 103.1 Power FM.

As 3BA was a 40+ station back then the change wasn’t an easy one for our older listeners. I remember our tech having to go out to listeners homes and flick the switch from am to fm and then retune their radios.


Breakfast.. you have been the front man of the “Big Show” on 3BA FM for years now.. what keeps you motivated?

I started the Bigshow in December of 2004 never thinking that I’d still be doing it today.

But why wouldn’t you, I mean it’s just so much fun. From getting to play your favourite genres of music to interacting with the best audience anywhere and being allowed to be me, although that has landed me in the “big office” on occasion. The Bigshow audience is an extension of me, they are my family, I share with them they share with me and that’s my motivation to continue not to ignore the 3.30am alarm


When you are on holidays… do you still wake up a stupid o’clock without even needing an alarm?

Absolutely! But I’ve learnt that being a breakfast announcer you really need a good break not just a week or two. Nowadays I try to take a 4 to 5 week break which allows me to wind down in the first week and then enjoy my break, with the odd sleep in, before gearing back up in the last week off.


Best part of living in Ballarat?

The community and all it has to offer. Ballarat is the very reason I’ve no inclination to go elsewhere.


Best thing you have done On-Air at 3BA in the last 30 years?

Tough question!

I’ll go with the marriage proposal that I was approached about by a listener. He called me off air to tell me of his plans that he wanted to propose to his fiancé live on-air on the Bigshow. It was a no brainer. So he gave me her number and on the day had him come into the studio and I made the phone call. Spoke with her a bit before informing her that he was in the studio with me and had a very important question for her…thankfully she said YES! Topped it all off by DJ’ing and MCing their wedding for them. 


Biggest challenge facing radio in the years to come?

Simple. Localism!!!!!!

I can’t scream that loud enough.

Especially in regional markets we are losing localism left right and centre due to programming from other markets. Being live and local is one of a regional markets keys to staying relevant, not only on-air but via their website and social media.

Luckily for us, we are owned by a company (Grant Broadcasters) that recognizes that very important factor, which is why we have a leg up over print and TV media coverage (in this area).

Something happens locally, we are on it across all platforms and our audience know that it’s their one stop shop for what’s going on in their town.


30 years on what are you grateful for?

Not being kicked out the door after my first shift and a company who continue to support what I do on-air and behind the scenes and have allowed me to grow and experience a wide array of different roles within the organization. From pulling every shift on both 3BA/Power FM to being a music director and program director and everything in between.

Here’s to another 30….



Ed Note: Anyone else in Australia start their career in radio and still working at the same station for 30 years or more still? Let us know in the comments,




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