Chris Smith attacks ‘destroyers’

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2GB afternoon announcer Chris Smith has attacked the social media campaign called 'Destroy the Joint', following the placement of a fake ad in the Trading Post, with a clients phone number. 

Speaking on-air yesterday, Smith said;

"If ACMA had any real priority and guts they would launch an investigation into the anti-2GB websites which are now inciting violence and hatred like this."

A disgusting ad appeared in the trading post yesterday…purporting to be Ross Candelori. Ross is one of the many sponsors to this network that have stood firm, that have been loyal, that have been supportive following comments made by Alan Jones about 4 weeks ago now",

"(the ad reads) 1968 Harley Davidson, unregistered, good condition, my son has passed away and I just want to move it on. Call me Ross Candeloni – daytime or evening on (xxxx xxxx), 100,000 k's, 500 dollars"

Smith went on to name the 'Destroy the Joint' campaign as responsible for placing the ad;

"Some grub, some vile despicable lowlife has tried to clog the Candelori business phone with enquiries. Destroy the Joint can continually remove themselves from what has occurred but they can't from this one".

"I do hope it goes all the way to the police, you little creep, your IP address is your signature and you've just given yourself away".

Hear the audio of Chris Smith's comments…

or hear it here

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