Cathy O’Connor ‘we need an industry proposition around programmatic’

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Programmatic is the latest buzz around the world in media buying, and it generates a strong reaction from many. Some people love it, some hate it, and a bunch of people have no idea what it is.

So the session today “Lifting the lid on Programmatic: the rise of the machines” was one that we were pretty keen to take in.

The session features Mark Hollands from The Newpaper Works, Simon Ryan from Carat, Cathy O’Connor from Nova Entertainment, Peter Wiltshire from Nine Entertainment, and Mike Tyquin from CCO. It was moderated by Alex Hayes from Mumbrella. 

Below we’ll outline a few general comments and impressions from the various panel members.

Programatics is destined to allow advertisers to buy campaigns online, targeting specific audiences with less red tape and face to face interaction. But will that hit the Sales team?

There is a definite shift in how advertising is traded, sold and shifted and radio will need to move to cater for a holistic solution that involves all forms of traditional media, that may ultimately be sold at an auction, bid or pre set price for blocks of programs.

This may look different to different media outlets in print, television and radio . At the end of the day, how do media outlets identify users/consumers and what their habits are, and then how do we offer advertising, surveys, and content directly to them?

Smart TVs and streaming allows TV stations endless data as to who watches what, for how long and allows them to target those viewers but many Smart TV’s are not connected yet. The word is “Yet” but as education and marketing opportunities present, that will increase dramatically.

Cathy O’Connor spoke about Nova Entertainment’s move with video content being programmatically scheduled via Spotx and that so far, so good.

NE’s challenge: “How do we generate more video – there is demand there and how does that fit with our brands”, said Cathy.

Out of the panellists Cathy O’Connor was the only one representing radio but she did highlight the opportunity for a combined industry position: “What is the industry proposition around programatic”

Cathy confirmed that the dialogue has already started with members of Commercial Radio Australia but there is still a need to define what the entry levels are for programmatic scheduling and “What does it look like”.

The other opportunity Cathy highlighted was programmatic delivery of content for audio saying: “10% access radio through and audio device. There is lots to explore… we are not there yet..”

Will Programmatic scheduling impact Sales staff?

The general feeling was not directly yet but some positions will be redefined. Cathy identified that as the content is now more integrated, the need for a dedicated Sale Co-ordinator may go to a PC, with Cathy saying “The skill sets will shift.”

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