Breakfast jock passes out on-air

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Wally and Kel from 3SR FM's breakfast show in Shepparton did a good thing this week and donated blood live on-air.

Damien 'Will' Willoughby was panelling the show and says:

"Things started off fine while I panelled the OB back in the studio; Wally starting his donation while Kel got prepped by the nurses.

The line went a little quite during a commercial break, with Erin, the Donate Blood Media Liaison, jumping on the mic to let me know Wally had flat out passed out!

Wally came to (just) with 20 seconds to go before the end of the spot block"

Hear what happened next :-
or hear it here

Here's how Southern Cross Ten’s “Weeknights” reflected the event :-


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