Boxer attacks 6PR host

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6PR Perth talkback host Bob Maumill (left) has been criticised by boxer Danny Green over what he calls sympathetic comments towards sex offender Rolf Harris.

Maumill had commented in his program about the Perth-born performer asking listeners if they should forgive Harris for his crimes.

Green initially posted comments on his Facebook page saying:


I am listening to a radio station at the moment in utter disbelief.
Utter disbelief. This man is asking listeners if we should forgive Rolf Harris??!!!

What????!!!! Because he played the bloody wobble board?!

This is the type of disgraceful attitude that will eventually completely dilute any shock associated with sexual predators in the future. I wonder if it was their children that were MOLESTED by an adult if they would 'search their brain for forgiveness???

Because he played a bloody wobble board. He is sane enough to seek legal advice and fight the case, so he is ready to do the time he so thoroughly deserves. 

Bob Maumill I am Gobsmacked that u have taken this direction on such an important issue- sexual molestation of women and in particular – children.

I know for a fact if it was a professional boxer on trial for these hideous charges, the key would be looking to be thrown away!!!

I hope he has a wobble board in his cell.

Subsequently, Green (at right) phoned 6PR's drive program on wednesday to continue his criticism of Maumill.

On 6PR Green said; 

“In your own words, you found yourself groping around somewhere in your psyche for forgiveness, that is exactly what came out of your mouth, and for me I find that very hard to comprehend"

In 50 to 100 years, paedophilia will be like dropping a cigarette on the ground and getting a $50 fine unless we take a hard line approach.”

Maumill responded to Green saying;

“We know what sort of a predator Rolf Harris was, but you’ve got to understand that this bloke has been part of our community for as long as I can remember”

Many people are confused, how can the bloke that they admired so much, who did so much for the community, how can that Rolf Harris be the same one that we see committing these crimes?”

He went on to say that it was not possible to forgive Harris, however that didn't make it a difficult situation for the community. 

“He’s been in here on multiple occasions, we’ve played his music, we’ve helped sell his tickets, we’ve talked him up as a great West Australian (however) there’s no way in the world that we were defending Rolf Harris.”

Hear the discussion on the Drive show here.


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