Ben & Liam’s feud with boss Lachie Macara goes to new heights with bagpipes

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Ben and Liam‘s early morning battle with new triple j content director Lachie Macara went to bold new places this morning.

The boys arrived to wake Lachie up for the latest Wednesday Wake-Up Call at 3:45am this morning, joined by a bagpipe player.

The latest episode in the saga comes after they originally woke their new boss up last week, which saw them briefly pulled off air for a talking to.

Macara then got his own back, convincing Ben and Liam to go into the triple j studios on Saturday morning for a fake interview with Kendrick Lamar.

Before running the segment this morning, a listener texted in saying “you can’t take revenge on revenge.”

The boys disagreed, revealing they’d even spent their own personal money on the bagpipe player.

Wednesday Morning Wake-Up

Revenge is a dish best served at 3:45am ⏰

Posted by Ben and Liam on Tuesday, 18 September 2018

After playing back the audio for listeners this morning, Lachie joined Ben and Liam in the studio to make peace.

“I’ve been catching a lot of the mid-dawns,” Lachie said.

Lachie explained that he’s actually still crashing on Nina Las Vegas‘ futon as he only arrived back in the country recently.

“We’ve pranked you three times, you’ve got us once. Are we good?” asked Ben and Liam.

“If you say yes, we’ll call truce.”

“Gee, I dno…” said Lachie, but the boys went ahead and declared themselves the “winners” and blew the “war horn” anyway

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20 Sep 2018 - 6:28 am

This has been an epic story arc well done lads.


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