‘Don’ Ben Fordham pardons Bodge for past sins against 2GB

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Hit Mid North Coast’s Jason ‘Bodge’ Bodger has found himself on the bad side of several 2GB hosts in recent years, but all was forgiven this week as new 2GB ‘Don’ Ben Fordham gave him an official pardon.

It all started after one of his listeners claimed that he was invited to compete on Australian Ninja Warrior last year, hosted by Fordham, but that he was never given a second chance due to time constraints (though other contestants were allowed a second shot).

A few conflicting views came out, as Fordham addressed the rumours on his Drive show. Now that he’s on Breakfast, Bodge spoke to him to see if he could smooth things over at 2GB (where the Hit Network host has been on the naughty list since slagging off Alan Jones).

“You’re the first 2GB presenter that I’ve had on that I haven’t irritated fully,” Bodge told Fordham. “Ray don’t like me anymore, because I made a pop at Alan Jones.”

“If you’ve gotten in trouble with Ray Hadley you’re in a club, I’ve been in the same club and it’s a rather large club,” laughed Fordham.

“You are part of the family… and if you’re part of the family, you’re gonna be okay.”

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24 Jul 2020 - 12:32 pm

Such great stuff for the young listeners in Port Macquarie to relate to…last time I checked they didn’t have 2GB there

24 Jul 2020 - 1:01 pm

Hi Silly. (I can only assume from your comment, that it must be your Christian name)

Triple M on the Mid North Coast take the Ray Hadley Morning Show from 2GB from 9am – 12pm. So 2GB is very much present here.
In regards to my audience, please don’t burden yourself with what they may or may not relate to. I’ve been seeing to their needs for a long time now.

Disco Stu
25 Jul 2020 - 8:57 pm

Hyper local – love it!

I’m Bodge remember the name !
27 Jul 2020 - 8:13 pm

Radio on the radio, talking about radio. Love it- developing a diverse body of work. It’s the gear listeners really get into. Plus If it’s all about you, Who knows of you in the big smoke and how you can inject yourself into the lives of idols and promote yourself above all other functions or your role… Then who needs to tend to listeners actual needs?


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