AUDIO: Extraterrestrial radio with Sea FM’s Bree & Gawndy

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Bree & Gawndy’s breakfast show on Sea FM Central Coast got a bit supernatural on Thursday as prolific psychic-medium Kerrie-Ann Thornton dropped by the show. And it made for some riveting radio.

After this video went viral last week, the 37-year-old former nurse spoke about everything aliens; from Donald Trump and Miley Cyrus, to Oprah and Prince William.

“You’re getting a lot of people calling you a crazy person,” Gawndy told Thornton on the show.

“Well the truth is out there, like The X Files says,” Thornton responded. “It’s just whether or not you are open minded enough to see what else is beyond what’s right in front of you.”

So here’s the deal: Thornton’s job is to deliver messages for extra-terrestrials, who she claims have bases hidden deep underground in Antarctica, while at the same time using a cocktail of ape and alien DNA to create the human race. 

On a regular day, she mainly works with “tall greys” – the stereotypical E.T-style alien. Along the way, she’s got to know more about the alien’s purpose and motivations, as well as learning a thing or two about their hobbies.

“They love reality TV shows, especially The Real Housewives. Their favourite movies are about themselves, the Alien series, and they adore Facebook.”

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